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We connect mission-driven researchers and designers to projects that drive positive social impact. Our work is deeply rooted in the practice of inclusive design and supported by a robust group of collaborators.

what is

inclusive design?

A research and design methodology that draws on the full range of human diversity with the aim of creating more accessible solutions for those experiencing some or any kind of exclusion. 


As inclusive designers, we investigate social barriers based on differences in ability, language, culture, gender, age, race, or anything else - and bring awareness, compassion and togetherness as core values to create solutions that better fit the needs of those who have been left out.

how does
that work exactly?

Through ‘inclusive research’: A term that refers to a range of research approaches that have traditionally been called “participatory” or “emancipatory”, in which people or subjects from the study community participate as more than just research subjects or respondents. Inclusive designers work to give the excluded parties the tools they need to create their own solutions.

inclusive conversations.

What does it really mean to be inclusive? How do we overcome barriers to existing fully as ourselves in the world? Listen to our podcast with conversations about creatives who are working intentionally to design more inclusive and diverse futures.