Our story begins in the summer of 2018 and involves many collaborations, conversations and shared concerns for our collective future. It’s a long story that we’d love to tell you all about sometime over a meal, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll instead focus here on who we are at our core. We’re here to try and bring more people into the circle; to break down the wall between “insider” and “outsider”. Together we have a vast range of experiences, varying interests and strengths, but a unified standard for doing our very best to inch humanity forward with our research and design work. The bottom line is: What you’ll find here is sincerity, ambition, an openness to other ways of knowing or doing, and rolled up sleeves ready to dig deep into the complex work required to bring more inclusion and equity to this world.

Our practice may not look familiar if you’ve worked with other design agencies in the past. To start, we dive all the way into the opportunity space and perform an extensive review of existing research (think books, academic studies, scholarly articles) before we do anything else. This ensures that our outputs build on lessons learned from history, instead of attempting to reinvent the wheel. When it comes time for us to design and execute original research, our practice centers the experience of people traditionally excluded from the conversation. We observe and study their experience, and then ultimately equip them to design solutions that amplify their voice. Our eventual design intervention is built for the user, by the user. In this way, collaborating with us is a journey of unlearning and relearning, testing and retesting. You’ll learn from us, we’ll learn from you, and in the end, we all learn from a more diverse set of perspectives.

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