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Manifold means “many and various”. Since 2018, Manifold collaborators have brought diverse expertise and points of view to a range of client projects centered on inclusion and spanning many sectors. Founded by partners based in Canada, the US, and Mexico, our unified focus is to break down the wall between “insider” and “outsider” through our multifaceted practice rooted in inclusive design. Manifold is differentiated by its international portfolio of work and the cross-disciplinary experiences of its members.


Tania Villalobos

Mexico City

Previously co-founder of Sodio, a successful visual design agency based in Mexico City. Her research is focused on compassionate communication and systematic thinking with a concentration on health and wellness spaces.


Nahin Shah

New York City

Cross-disciplinary designer with an integrated focus on industrial, experiential, and visual design methods. Research concentrations include data visualization, materiality in making/tinkering, and childhood development.


Zoya Shepherd


Building on an expansive career in communication and design, her research explores systemic barriers to social inclusion, self-actualization and economic well being, with a special focus in Caribbean social impact and development.


Joe York

Greater Boston Area

Previously led the inclusive design practice at
Visa, and oversaw design consulting teams in the company’s SF and NY innovation studios. He
is currently the head of product and social / environmental impact at a banking start-up based outside of Boston. Joe’s research intersects consumer finance, sustainability, and technology.

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