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What does it really mean to be inclusive? How do we overcome the barriers that make it hard to exist as our fullest selves in the world? Listen to our series of conversations with creatives who are working intentionally to design more inclusive and diverse futures.

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Decolonizing Identity with Joe York & Zoya Shepherd


What does it mean to deconstruct your identity? How can postcolonial communities reinforce positive visual culture? Joe and Zoya deep dive into this conversation about journeying into self, navigating double consciousness, and discovering the truest essence of who we are.

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Designing Accessible Spaces with Nikkie To and Grace Mendez


Nikkie To and Grace Mendez are recent graduates of the Inclusive Design masters program at OCAD University. They collaborated to research and design a more accessible space for children at Grandview Kids in Ontario, Canada. We talk to them about their path to inclusive design, understanding disabilities, the built environment, and their research discoveries.

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Designing for Tech, Anti-Racism, and… Tik Tok with Jen Serdetchnaia


Jen Serdetchnaia is a product designer in financial services and fellow graduate of the Inclusive Design graduate program. She gives her perspective and deep thinking on how to design more inclusive systems within tech, considering anti-racism and allyship, and what it means for an equitable future when algorithms dominate so much of our daily lives.

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Design in Practice and Pedagogy  with Nancy Snow


Nancy Snow is the Program Director of Graphic Design at OCAD University. With decades of experience in practice and now pedagogy she talks to us about pursuing deep learning, decolonizing design education, existing systems of power and staying curious as a key to inclusion. 

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Hot Topics with Jess Mitchell


Jess Mitchell is a Senior Manager, Research & Design at the Inclusive Design Research Centre, a writer, and a critical thinker with a fondness for things in 3’s. We took the opportunity to call Jess up and dive into some hot topics with her around inclusion and diversity, working from home, representation, and finding courage in the world we live in today. 

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Inclusion, Diversity and Internet Accessibility ft Jutta Treviranus


Jutta Treviranus is a world expert in Inclusive Design, an educator and social activist who has led many international research projects that support inclusion. She is also a full professor at OCAD University, where she started the Inclusive Design graduate program and the founder and director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre. We catch up with her post graduation to find out her thoughts on diversity and inclusion in 2020, making the internet accessible for everyone and building inclusive business models. 

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Financial Inclusion ft. Joe York


Financial Inclusion – is it even possible? We live in a world completely dependent on money and yet so many people just don’t seem to have enough. Joe York has worked in the finance industry for a decade and is researching ways to include more people from the margins. So far, he’s found that emotional wellness and financial wellness are deeply connected and of course we wanted to find out more.

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Designing Affirmative Action ft. Dalal Elsheikh and Dorian Ulises López


How can we create work that includes people who are not typically seen in certain spaces? That’s the question on our minds as we dive into a bilingual conversation with Dalal Elsheikh and Dorian Ulises López Macías. Two creatives at different stages in their careers, share their journey and challenges to consciously creating room for others to see themselves.

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Compassion in Design ft. Tania Villalobos and Zoya Shepherd

Compassion is more than just an emotion. It's a tool for navigating situations. From the perspective of two practicing Buddhists, we venture into the world of exchanging yourself with others for the betterment of everyone.

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