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Question: What requirements are needed for people with disabilities to thrive in STEM education and employability?

Our Response:

DEV. F is a company that offers an innovative solution to educational inclusion with EdTech programs that help people become software developers and gain technological skills to achieve high-quality job opportunities in an agile and accessible way.  Our purpose during the project was to investigate and expose the situation of STEM education and employability (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in Mexico for people with disabilities; in order to provide recommendations for a pilot training program conducted by DEV. F as part of the Bootcamp Challenge: Educational Innovation for Digital Talent Training program. 

The Approach:

Formal research, with a discussion and analysis were conducted and, we found that, for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the pilot program, it is convenient to start with disabilities such as high-functioning autism, visual impairment and motor disability; due to the ease that these groups present for STEM learning.


The Outcome:

Within the recommendations of what’s required in the education training program, we also suggest implementing inclusive practices such as language change, adaptation of multimedia content, recognition of emotions and constant advice with associations specialized in each of the disabilities.

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