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our values

Manifold was co-founded by a diverse group of four. We come from different cultures, practice different religions and hold varying heritage. The name Manifold means ‘many and various’ – we are marked by diversity. We combine our divergent perspectives with sincerity, ambition, an openness to other ways of knowing or doing, and an underdog’s work ethic - plus some jokes and laughter - all with the intention of building more inclusion into the world. Here are the things we live by:


  • We are anti-racism all the way. We call out problematic behavior and we don’t engage in negative or damaging viewpoints of other people. 

  • We support women and BIPOC initiatives and celebrate gender and sexual diversity. Always.

  • We seek to educate, not annihilate, the misinformed (including, in some cases, ourselves). 

  • We “co-create”, instead of creating on behalf of. This means partnering and power-sharing with people of the communities we are trying to serve. 

  • We don’t pigeon hole people based on their various identities, forcing them to act as spokespeople for entire communities or participate in projects because of their gender, race, or other affiliation. 

  • We seek Inclusive Conversations with diverse people to help amplify different voices, experiences and perspectives.

  • We recognize that any truly inclusive design starts with the work we do on ourselves - challenging our prior assumptions, and opening ourselves up to the experience of others. This work never finishes; as soon as one assumption is deconstructed, another replaces it.

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