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Q: I thought design was like graphic design or web design? 

A: Design is a broad term. Many people are used to design in an applied and tangible sense, but systems and processes are also designed. We see this show up in more intangible forms like policy, business, or living ecosystems. 


Q: Is Inclusive Design the same thing as Universal Design?

A: Not quite. Inclusive design is a method while universal design is an outcome. We say that something (product/service) is universal in its design because anyone can use it. The process of arriving at that universal design outcome may or may not have used inclusive design methodologies. 


Q: Is inclusive design the same thing as accessibility design?

A: Again, these are overlapping things but not mutually exclusive. Accessibility is an attribute of design (and a whole professional field in itself). Inclusive design methodologies are intended to promote more accessibility BUT inclusive design is not the only method of achieving accessibility. 


Q: Where did Inclusive Design begin?

A: Inclusive design was birthed through digital environments, as the principles and concepts of inclusive design methodologies lend themselves particularly to developing more accessible software that is usable by a wider range of persons. These principles however have grown up over the years and can be applied in many domains, even those outside of the digital realm.

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