Got an existing project that you’re worried might be unintentionally excluding some important voices? Let us help.

What we do:

  • Provide an overview of the philosophy behind inclusive design and provide tips for implementing inclusive practices in your design and development processes.

  • Review and advise on specific independent projects in single or on-going sessions to guide you through the inclusive design process.


How it works:

  • For general training on inclusive design for your organization or team members, we set up content-packed workshops tailored to your specific area of work. Workshops include plenty of opportunities to ask questions and have open discussion, as well as a series of collaborative exercises. We’ll also equip you with a set of resources to carry forward on your journey.

  • For specific projects, once you send us your project info, we conduct an initial review of your work and project scope to understand your task, problem space and project objectives. You’ll receive strategic recommendations and actionable plans based on our internal brainstorm. We’ll walk you through everything and provide you with a to-do list of next steps. 


If you have a problem of exclusion that feels too big to tackle, we run full-scale research & design projects from beginning to end.

What we do:

  • We take on your problem as our own, dive deep into research, and find you the right design solution for your unique problem area.

  • We’re capable of executing our inclusive design methodology on a wide range of subject areas from health, finance, education, matters of representation, digital accessibility and more.

  • We execute co-creations, participatory design workshops, interviews, surveys and other forms of research on your behalf.


How it works:

  • There are four phases to these large scale projects. Each project is unique and requires its own research design and specific approach.

    • Phase 1: Opportunity Definition

    • Phase 2: Research Design & Execution

    • Phase 3: Prototype Development & Testing

    • Phase 4: Messaging & Communications

  • To allow us to develop a bespoke proposal, please contact us to get the conversation started.


Looking for a quick way to ensure your product is beautiful and accessible? 

What we do:

  • Digital Inclusion Audit

  • Inclusive Website from Scratch 

How it works:

  • A Digital Inclusion Audit is a comprehensive overview and user testing of your website or mobile application for accessibility and inclusivity. After scanning your existing digital space, we provide a list of fixes and improvements to meet inclusion standards. 

  • An Inclusive Website from Scratch can be designed and built for you. We have a selection of pre-made templates that we can optimize for your business or brand. Building from scratch allows us to implement inclusive programming for accessibility as we go. 

social media + public relations

Social media gives us the tools to connect with the public. Communicating the scope of your project and making it close to everyone is a fundamental part of it.


We believe in communities and that is why we have formed a network of foundations and organizations that work with different social and environmental problems, specializing in connecting them with projects and brands to create a synergy of support.

What we do:

​We conceptualize and create communication and digital marketing strategies in different Social Media. We go into each project to give it a narrative and creativity in an editorial way, generating personality.​


How it works:

From the creation of copies and inclusive messages to the production and design of graphic and explanatory content. Social media is your face and it should include us all.

  • Management of the platform

  • Creation and editing of content

  • Image, photography and video production

  • Performance content, guideline management