Looking for help in translating “inclusion” into action – in your life, your business/organization, or your career. Join one of our workshops.


We provide structured education for each stage of a person or organization's journey with inclusion – from awareness to understanding to practical action. Our workshops provide collaborative, engaging, and accessible forums for discussion that meet diverse participants where they are, culminating in practical next steps that root the theoretical in real-life application.


Got an existing project that you’re worried might be unintentionally excluding some important voices? Let us help.

We can review and advise on your specific project to help you implement inclusive practices into your design or product development process. You’ll receive strategic recommendations and actionable plans to help your reach your goal.



If you have a problem of exclusion that feels too big to tackle, we run full-scale research & design projects from beginning to end.

We take on your problem as our own, dive deep into research, and find you the right design solution for your unique problem area. Our inclusive design methodology works on a wide range of subject areas from health, finance, education, matters of representation, and more. We execute co-creations, participatory design workshops, interviews, surveys and other forms of research on your behalf.


There are four phases to these large-scale projects. Each project is unique and requires its own research design and specific approach.

  • Phase 1: Opportunity Definition

  • Phase 2: Research Design & Execution

  • Phase 3: Prototype Development & Testing

  • Phase 4: Messaging & Communications

To allow us to develop a bespoke proposal, please contact us to get the conversation started.