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Our framework:


Manifold’s method for building inclusion in the world is Dignity, Compassion, Inclusion (+design). We ground in dignity, cultivate compassion, build inclusion, and where applicable, design a more powerful solution.


Ground in Dignity – to anchor our self-awareness in the basic intrinsic worthiness of every human being.


Cultivate Compassion – to emotionally connect with the world around us from a place of mutuality.


Building Inclusion – to put action behind words by shifting mental models and starting new practices.

Design – the root of inclusive design is co-creation, which gives everyone the ability to solve problems of exclusion.



If you’re looking to enhance and enrich your team’s awareness of inclusivity and equity while cultivating more belonging, we offer a one-of-a-kind training program.

The Inclusive Leadership program is designed to activate inclusive leaders from top to bottom in your organization. Over six months we work with your team to integrate comprehensive learnings and facilitate transformational awareness of inclusivity matters. When your team changes so will your business and so will your impact.



If you have a problem of exclusion that feels too big to tackle, we run full-scale research & design projects from beginning to end.

We take on your problem as our own, dive deep into research, and find you the right design solution for your unique problem area. Our inclusive design methodology works on a wide range of subject areas from health, finance, education, matters of representation, and more. We execute co-creations, participatory design workshops, interviews, surveys and other forms of research on your behalf.

Each project is  unique and requires its own approach. To receive a bespoke quote please fill out the application form and we’ll be in touch.

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